В этом письме предлагается заполнить анкету и отправить в банк. Обратите внимание на такую деталь - адрес банка расположен на бесплатном сервере. Ни один уважающий себя банк не позволит так поступить. Но потенциальная жертва уже практически этого не видит. В глазах уже стоит цифра со многими нулями и начинаются мечты, куда все это потратить. Может машину новую купить? Квартиру? Бизнес? Сколько вариантов, и все может оказаться доступным... жертва уже заглотила наживку и теперь надо медленно, но быстро, повторяю еще раз, быстро выбить из жертвы деньги. Но для этого надо еще постараться, еще нужны письма от банка, решения, и еще там какие-то мелочи, надо немножко поднажать...

Dear Vladimir Lova,

I am delighted to inform you that i have made a possible contact with the secret inside in the bank to enable your Application attend by the Management and board of trustee in the bank as soon as your Application is received by them.

In further details, I have sort some envelop to my insider to enable us have a smooth and proper attention upon your receiver of your Application in the bank, All you have to do now is to Kindly copy the Application and fill with your personal information. Nevermind for the expense for i personally will negociate with you and handle it maturied as soon as it comes front.

You shall be inconstant communication with me and the bank as soon as you send the Application to the bank, Don't hesitate to forward all information or request from the bank to me for further advise and clear clarification to avoid mistake. Note, The bank has giving only few days from now for all the dormant account to be released or the board of trustee will conclude within there self and confiscate any over dormant account within there custody, I sincerely advise you to act fast to enable us get this fund within Five to Seven working day immediately your Application is been send to them.All machinery has been set up for monitoring with the help of our insider in the bank.

You must to keep this matter confidential with me and you  so been advise that you are working alone directly to the bank until i will be called by the bank for confirmation of the original documents within my position your claim as the personal attorney to the deseased.

Most important, we shall not used because of not understanding voice on phone or thinking about the cost of the expense on phone since we all know that we are working for huge and mutual transaction business and follow this matter only by email, it might effect us.. All the same you have to keep me posted on phone even brife to confirm any urgent attention needed since you know that i am a very busy man as a lawyer .

Regards and remain bless.

Mr. Gray Philip Esq.
View the attached and fill the Application form and send to the bank email address.

Application Form.

Attention: Dr Clifford Kido.

Director of foreign operations

Foreign remittance

Department A.D.B Lome-Rep of Togo

Tel/Fax: 00228-958 20 71.

Email; Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. 

Dear Sir,

Application for the release and transfer of $10.4M(Ten Million  Four Hurdred Thousand United states dollars only) from ADB dormant vault A/CN0:14-255-2004/ADB/TG. 

FULL NAME.....................


FULL ADDRESS............ 

PRIVATE PHONE/............. 



PRIVATE EMAIL......................

OCCUPATION ...................


BENEFICIARY NAME:........... Mr.Vladimir Lova

Please be informed that I wish to come for the claim, release and transfer of the sum of($10,400.000.00) from account number 14-2552004/ADB/TG with your bank .

The above amount/money was deposited in your bank by my deceased Uncle Mr. Andrey Lova ., I wish as the her apparent with all documents of proof to claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be released to me by bank draft or cheque through any of your correspondence financial institution  in Europe.

I also humbly request for the services of an accredited resident attorney who will represent me for the authentication/ updating of my documents that will be required to ensure speedy transfer of this fund to my bank account as i can not be physically present there due to my official engagements here.

Please accept this late application, I hope you will understand and expedite action.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.Vladimir Lova