Письмо от адвоката. Я попросил его заполнить мне анкету, то есть подготовить письмо с ответами на запрос банку. Он с радостью выполнил данную работу. Еще-бы жертва идет на поводку. Еще чуть-чуть и все свершиться.

Dear Good Brother

Thanks for the urgent notification even your clearful and follow up directive and instruction in this matter. I trusted you with all my heart and i believe you will not disappoint or betray me in this business when the money finally arrive into your account. The Question regards your late uncle information giving to you to answer, are below. Secondly you are advice to send your banking information where you want them to transfer the money. You have to send your banking information. NAME OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER SWIFT IF ANY, AND ANY INFORMATION OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TO THEM WHERE THERE WILL TRANSFER THE FUND INTO FOR YOU. KINDLY FILL THE INFORMATION OF BANK DETAILS BELOW AND SEND THE ANSWER TO THE BANK.

Regrads and remain bless,

Philip Esq.

This is answers your honourable bank demand.

Director of Foreign Operation
Foreign Remittances Department
Africa Development Bank.
A.D.B Lome-Rep of Togo
24 / 09 / 2009
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Attn:Dr Clifford Kido.:

Thank you for the acknowledgement in receipt of my application of claim.  You asked some questions and I would like to provide you with the answers to those questions:

1.  State the name of the deceased:  Mr Andrey Lova
2.  State of his nationality: Ukraine
3.  Occupation/ Profession:  He worked with Shell Development Company in Lome Togo and he formed and operated a private company called AH HOLDINGS.  The account is with ADB Finance firm in Lome-Togo until his death
4.  Date of death and how:  Killed in a car crash along Nouvissi express Road On the 21st of April 2007
5.  Age at death:  63
6.  What was left in your custody:  Cash was left in your possession approximately $10.4Million in American dollars.  The account number is:  14-255-2004/ADB/TG.
7.  Was the deceased married:  Yes, Wife- Anna  and one daughter-Maria.
8.  Was the deceased residing in this country:  Yes, he resided in Lome Togo. Rue 152 Badiga Lome Togo.
9.  Was the deceased a member of any organizations registered in this country:  Yes, Shell Development Company and a member of Golf organisation committee.
10.  Any additional information:  He was a very good and charitable man that looked after his family.He made his last donation in 1999 the sum of $650,000.00 to the Tokin Charity Organisation In lome Togo.
11. My Account information where i need the money to be transfer to

Bank name............
Bank Address.......
Account number ............

Respectfully Submitted,
Mr.Lova Vladimir Nilolaevich.